Check Out 5 Most Famous Hotels in USA

The United States consists of cities, states, and towns that are furnished with luxury in each element. The natural distinction, spending attraction, and opulence lifestyle make this country a highly worth visiting area. A considerable number of great destinations in this country can inspire you to strategize a long itinerary. If you are used to the grand lifestyle, famous hotels in the US have everything to offer you a rich habitat and amenities. But first, before you make any plans of visiting any of these hotels, it would be good if you to rent a car by rental24h because these cars can comfortably take you to any city or town while looking for your renowned hotel. Here are the five most famous hotels in the USA.

The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel is located in Chicago. It opened its doors in 1920 New Year’s Eve. The likes of George Gershwin, Bing Crosby, Charles Lindberg, Joe Dimaggio, and Marilyn Monroe frequented this hotel and engraved their signatures into the bar of the hotel’s Cape Cod room.

West burden springs

The West Burden springs hotel is located in French Lick Indiana. Orange county holdings own this hotel. It was constructed in 1902. The Chicago Cubs exercised here in 1908 which was the last time they prevailed their series. This hotel was a famous spot for Al Capone in his days.

Mohonk mountain house

Smiley brothers own this hotel, and it’s located it New Paltz, New York. Its doors opened to the public in 1879. The hotel has been host to spiritual leaders and business tycoons such as

  1. Rabbi Louis Finkelstein
  2. Abdul Abbas
  3. Rev. Ralph W. Sockman
  4. Andrew Carnegie.

Hotel Del Coronado

This hotel is situated in Coronado California and is owned by strategic hotels and resorts. This famous beachfront hotel is a national historical marker that played host to Tony Curtis, jack lemon and Marilyn Monroe during the shooting of the movie ‘Some like it hot’ in 1958.

The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel is situated in Mackinac Island city in the state of Michigan. Dan Mussar III owns it. Since its beginning in 1887 the hotel has been frequented by US presidents such as

  1. Bush
  2. Kennedy
  3. Clinton
  4. Truman

The Greenbrier

Jim Justice owns the Greenbrier hotel and it’s located in the White Sulphur Springs city in the county of Greenbrier in West Virginia. This huge white-pillared famous hotel has been playing host to visitors since 1778. A classified nuclear fallout shield was erected there in 1968. Therefore war fanatics can explore.


The above are five of the most famous hotels in the US. One thing to note is that hotels can be huge but never imposing. The most prominent hotels in the United States are places where individuals meet for dinner and are seen with the rich and famous. For that, if you’re planning to tour any of these hotels, I recommend you rent a car by rental24h as most of these famous hotels still welcome visitors in an impressive way.